Girls from Vincennes fell deeply in love with the woman at first sight

Girls from Vincennes fell deeply in love with the woman at first sight

Ritsuko try a first seasons college student in the Final Way. This lady identity, ”Belle Epine,” setting ”Beautiful Briar Flower.” It means both the lady great charm along escort service in san jose with her state of mind away from unapproachability. She’s little sibling off Ayaka, however, as opposed to this lady cousin, someone who attempts to proceed with the laws, are raised due to the fact «a good woman» of the family unit members. She will get the best choice of Red Flowers just like the Mitsuki and you will Marika accept that she’s got way more determine across the children.

Typically, 2nd year children try asked to help you head in the societies, however, in 2010, it had been Ritsuko who was chosen. This leads to the girl great serious pain. She detests cracking rules and you can way of life. She is plus violently opposed to change – maybe not as the she detests men, but while the she viewpoints it as a ticket out-of traditions.

She by herself neither loves nor hates people. She simply doesn’t consider them strongly related the girl. But given that head of the Purple Flowers, she will endeavor to save Vincennes the way it is.


Rise try a 2nd seasons beginner in the Latest Way and you will granddaughter of one’s chairwoman of your own college or university panel. She is also the commander of the reform team — much more precisely, this woman is the only real scholar at school and only change at the. Chief of the Light Lilies, she desires end up being the student council chairman so you’re able to change the fresh university are coed. But not, others usually do not express it see and you may this woman is in the future the only person in the new Light Lilies.

Her identity, ”Soleil D’Ecole,” mode ”Sunlight of College or university” and it also shows. However, even after this lady transcendent dominance, of several discover her difficult to means because of the lady alternatively progressive ideals. In a number of ways, she is really including the sunlight.

When she fits Masaya, she find he’s one she actually is searching for and you may organizes their import. Once the she observe him, she determines she does has actually a taste.


Chiho are youngsters buddy off Masaya and up before finally seasons from age university. Masaya fits the lady again in the Vincennes, where their very first appointment ends up which have a slap plus the keyword “traitor”. Vincennes provides around three degrees of education: Number one, Intermediate, and you can Finally, plus the people set a great amount of inventory in the manner early your registered the institution.

Rousen’in Increase ??? ??
Aliases Soleil D’Ecole, Lis Branche
Locks Hair Beans, Odango, Pink, Lightweight Braid, Dual Tails, Waist Duration+
Attention Blue
Human body Typical Tits, Soft, Thin, Adolescent
Gowns Ankle-Band Shoes, Gear, Bow Link, Coating, Top, Evening Gloves, Jacket, Knee-high Footwear, Knee-high Socks, Loafers, Miniskirt, Panty-hose, Pleated Skirt, Bloated Sleeves, Bend Locks Link, University Swimsuit, University Uniform, Shrug, Sporting events Boots, Sporting events Consistent, Strapless Skirt, Vest
Identification Atashi, Aggressive, Confident, Amicable, Hardworker, Envious, Form, Slight, Serious, Persistent
Character Classmate, Category Chairman, Daughter, Eleventh Grader, Girlfriend, Grandchild, Competition, Scholar Club President
Partcipates in Recreation, Believed, Swimming
Topic out-of Teasing
Voiced by the Satou Yuki
Sagisawa Chiho ?? ??
Aliases Latest Path Visitors
Dimensions Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-??-??cm, C glass
Hair Brownish, Bun, Consumption, Sidehair, Spiky Fucks, Dual Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes Green
Body Large Breasts, Soft, Thin, Teen
Clothes Ankle Boots, Strip, Ribbon Tie, Outfits that have Ribbons, Top, Night Gloves, Gym Trousers, Hair Flower, High heeled Shoes, Coat, Knee-higher Clothes, Loafers, Miniskirt, Nude because, Pleated Skirt, Bloated Arm, Ribbon Hair Link, Bend Link, College or university Consistent, Shrug, Football Shoes, Recreations Uniform, Strapless Top, T-clothing, Vest
Personality Atashi, Vintage Tsundere, Envious, Type, Big, Smart
Role Youth Friend, Classmate, Child, Eleventh Grader, Girlfriend, Rival, University Sports Pub Associate, Student Club Member, Transfer Student
Engages in Athletics, Competition, Shopping
Subject out-of Discrimination
Spoken from the Mizukiri Keito

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